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Training With WRAS

Introducing typical programs that increase functional stability before minimal loads or low impact plyometrics are incorporated. A concept that must be applied for all athletes with no exception.

Emphasising the importance to assess and re-assess. This process helps improve the confidence of athletes and give the WRAS trainer/physiologist the appropriate reference points to adjust the program. Without a baseline of testing one can never be sure of progress, failures, or even over-training.

Employing assessments to incorporate tests of muscular strength, power, endurance, sport-specific flexibility, body composition, muscle function, balance, posture, coordination, agility, and aerobic and anaerobic energy systems.

Let’s GO

Need For Speed

Driven by enthusiasm and ambition

The Wheel Power

There’s no better place to get extremely physical, get magnificently healthy whilst bursting into astounding speed.

Demanding Yet Satisfying

Constantly challenging and testing you in ways that are far outside what most individuals experience in their lives. It could be physically demanding, highly technical, seriously tactical, and equipment dependent. And certainly it is also exciting, challenging, and immensely satisfying.

Rehab at its best

Most exciting and creative ways of going through rehabilitation whilst discovering new possibilities to be the best and greatest.

Your Ride

Wheelchair Racing


Wheelchair racing requires a good bit of athleticism


Racers usually develop good upper body strength.


Wheelchair racers reach speeds of up to 30 km/h or more.


No mechanical gears or levers can be used to propel the chair. Only hand-driven wheels comply with the regulations.

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